Is Freelancing a Viable Option for Me?

Is freelancing a viable option for me?

Tripartite Standards - Contracting With Self-employed Persons

​Clearer obligations and duties foster better working relationships between businesses and SEPs, and enable SEPs to provide better services. SEPs on their part should fulfil their obligati​ons and duties in a responsible manner.

Law Works Pocket Series Booklet "I want to be a freelance professional"

​Pocket books for persons who wish to take up work as freelancers, self-employed persons or independent contractors

Legal Handbook - Advocate for the Arts

​Guidebook for persons working in creative industries, in particular, freelancers with better awareness of their legal rights to support their creative endeavours.​

Voluntary Mediation Services for Freelancers and Self-Employed Persons

​Suffering from a payment dispute? Explore the Voluntary Mediation service as an alternative to the Small Claims Tribunal. ​​

Subsidised Mediation Service for media freeancers and Singapore-registered companies

​In partnership with the SMC, IMDA will provide subsidies to media freelancers and Singapore-registered companies to allow them to resolve their disputes through mediation at SMC, on issues such as late or non-payment for services rendered.